Mark Chamberland
Mark is the president of R.F. Chamberland, Inc. Following in his father Bob’s footsteps, Mark has been involved in all aspects of the family business since he was 18 years old. Marks duties include managing the day to day operations. Mark lives in St. Agatha with his wife Nicole and their 3 children, Nathan, Kyle, and Emma. He enjoys traveling, camping, and boating. Mark is an active member of the St. Agatha Volunteer Fire Department. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the local credit union, as well as serving on the board of Northern Maine Medical Center.
Dale Chamberland
Dale is the vice president and co-manager of R. F. Chamberland, Inc. After college, Dale joined the company, and together with his parents Bob and Vi and brother Mark, has worked to make the company the success it is today. Dale currently works as manager of their newly developed cedar fencing business, Aroostook Woodsmiths. Dale and Mark decided to develop the cedar business in 2010 and haul cedar fencing to the northeast and mid-Atlantic. Dale lives in St. Agatha with his wife Ellen and their 4 children, Robbie, Kevin, Matt and Josh. He enjoys riding snowmobile and skiing. Dale is a Selectman for the Town of St. Agatha.
Jean Paul Chamberland
Jean has over 37 years of experience in the trucking industry, 15 of those years as a driver, and now in dispatch for the last 22 years. Jean lives in St. Agatha with his wife, Anne. He has 3 grown children, André, Josée and Daniel. Jean enjoys kayaking, riding snowmobile and working outdoors in his spare time. Jean is also the president of the St. Agatha Housing Authority.
Carole Plourde
Carole has worked as a secretary for R.F. Chamberland, Inc. for the past 15 years. Formerly of Connecticut, she worked in the banking industry for 25 years, before moving to St. Agatha. Carole enjoys traveling and cooking. Carole is also the secretary on the Board of Directors of the Ste-Agathe Historical Society.
Nicole Chamberland
Nicole is married to Mark Chamberland and has been with the company for the past 10 years. Her responsibilities include managing the personnel department, accounting, and warehousing. She enjoys camping with her husband and 3 children, and is actively involved in the local youth ministry program.
Ellen Chamberland
Ellen is married to Dale Chamberland and has been with the company as a secretary since 2004. She is in charge of managing accounts receivable, as well as various other secretarial duties. She enjoys participating in all outdoor sports and activities with her husband and 4 boys. Ellen is President of the Booster Club at Wisdom High School.
Stanley D. Jandreau
Stan has been with R.F. Chamberland, Inc. for 1 year, joining the Chamberland Team in April of 2013. Stan comes from a law enforcement and military background. Having graduated from the University of Maine at Presque Isle in 1994 with a degree in Behavioral Science and Criminal Justice, he served as a Maine State Trooper & Detective for over 18 years, during his last 10 years with the Maine State Police he worked as a trooper in the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit. Stan is also retired from the Maine Army National Guard with 2 years if active duty service and 21 years combined service. At retirement he was a Sergeant in Supply with the 185th E.S.C. in Caribou, ME. Stan has been married to Sharon (Nadeau) Jandreau for 18 years and has two children, Lance (17) and Brooke (15).
Chris Lowe
Chris joined R.F. Chamberland Inc. in late 2011. Chris works in dispatch and has had a background in trucking all his life. Chris enjoys hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and other Maine sporting activities.
Susan Smith
Susan has been working with R.F. Chamberland, Inc. since early 2012. Susan lived in North Carolina for 20 years to then return to the St. John Valley with her son Adrian. She has an associate’s degree in Business Administration from ECPI in Charlotte, NC. She is responsible for processing driver trip paperwork as well as assisting dispatch and scheduling appointments.
Robbie Chamberland
Robbie is the eldest son of Dale and Ellen and has been involved in the company for several years. Robbie works in the shop with various positions and has recently begun to work in dispatch for an internship in his senior year of high school. Robbie enjoys playing sports such as soccer, skiing, riding snowmobile and watching NASCAR.
Christopher Cyr
Christopher joined RF Chamberland Inc. at the beginning of 2014 as the Director of Safety & Compliance. He is responsible for ensuring compliance with USDOT and OSHA regulations, driver training, and coordinating safety programs monitoring safety in the workplace. Chris is a native of Fort Kent, Maine and a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. He retired from the Maine State Police as a Trooper with 25 year’s service where he specialized in commercial vehicle enforcement most of his career. Chris remains active in Law Enforcement as a reserve Patrolman with the Ashland Police Department. He enjoys trucking part-time, and when not working is active in his church, Knights of Columbus, Sons of Union Veterans, American Legion, and Boy Scout’s of America.
Sonia Tyson
Sonia started working for R.F. Chamberland, Inc. in late 2013. She has raised her children and lived in the St. John Valley all her life. In my spare time she enjoys riding four wheeler, fishing and other outdoor activities. Sonia’s responsibilities include processing drivers trip paperwork and other secretarial duties.
Above all, R.F. Chamberland, Inc’s primary concerns are safety and 100% customer satisfaction.
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